The eagle has landed

Flying a drone on land is something to get used to but overall not that hard – as long as the pilot is looking in the same direction as the drone and there is plenty of space to fly in. Once the drone rotates it take a fair bit of experience to direct it accurately in  the right direction as left & right, back & forth are no longer in sync with the joystick direction on the remote…

Anyways, we thought we had the basics figured out (only crashed into our house once) and took our new drone (Phantom 3 from DJI) out to the mooring to practice take off and landing from a boat. Altough the weather was very nice and the wind relatively calm (under 10kn), the boat still moved sideways with the change in wind direction and the bow up and down with the waves.

The video below shows our first take off and landing (which was harder than expected as we wanted to film us doing it and therefore had the drone rotated 180′. It made landing a lot harder than expected and almost crashed the drone into the rail and potentially the ocean… – but we were lucky and it came to rest before anything major happened.).
We got away with a good scare and will practice landing it in someone’s hand next as the motion of the boat and relatively small landing space make this a risky move on board Tioga.


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