Watch Schedule

Now that we have only two weeks left to go, details such as departure time, when and how do we get the perishable food on the boat, how to top of the tanks etc become more relevant.

For watch schedule we’ve had various plan during our prior trip. They were all based on a 3 hr rhythm and always had one watch captain on deck; main differences were around the rotation of people and if all or parts of the crew on watch would be relieved at the same time.
I like the partial change of crew better than a full change as the transition is smoother, there is always someone of the prior watch around to share the knowledge/situation of what went on during the previous watch, plus everyone would overlap with 2 other people and therefore have more variety in sailing buddies.
While it was nice to combine this principle with a  changing crew constellation every 24 hrs to make sure we mixed things up to sail with as many different crew members as possible, we keep things simpler this time. That way we keep the kids (Lauren and Nick will stand watch together throughout the trip) together and have either myself or Corinna sail with them – at least at night, throughout the day will be much more relaxed anyways.

This is the watch schedule for the leg from Nahant to the Azores (watch captains are marked in bold):

2015 Leg 1 watch schedule


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