Final Practice

This weekend the adult crew of leg 1 (Nahant to Azores) came together for their practice sail. We went through the same reviews as last weekend, fixed and re-arranged a couple of things and then put our life belts on to practice our maneuvers while being clipped in.

That way, we got used to the constraint way of working and confirmed that the set up made sense. We marked the clip in points for the snatch blocks with tape, when used with the new preventers, and went through all reefing configurations.
Contrary to last weekend, the wind died when we were just about to start man-over-board drills. Instead, we went through all the electronics to make sure that GPS, Radar, VHF, AIS etc still worked. They did! (although I have a feeling that the AIS system has a lose wire connection somewhere)

Main take-away (same as last weekend):
It helps a lot to talk through the maneuvers with all involved before getting started. It makes things go smoother, reduces risks and ensures that all – not just a few – understand why we are doing what.

Now all we have left are a couple of sea trials to get the Aries windvane going, confirm the hydro generator is charging (and learn how to get it out of the water again) and double-check the AIS wiring.

With two weeks to go, we should be able to get that done in time

.IMG_3733 IMG_3731


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