Paper charts

While we will be using electronic charts for our upcoming tour around the northern Atlantic, we are also carrying paper charts with us as a backup. It took me quite a while to collect them all via numerous online forums. Although they are not new, they are good enough for our tour and cost us a lot less money. Piled up one can hardly carry them all. Luckily enough, the Alden 44s have a rather large drawer to store charts so that the entire collection fit into it.

In addition to numerous large scale Atlantic and North Sea charts, we have portfolios for

Atlantic Islands
Channel (Brittany, Channel Islands and Southern England)
North Sea via Kiel Canal to the Baltic Sea
Germany, Denmark, Sweden
Scotland East, Caledonian Canal, West
Irish Sea
Northwest Spain, Portugal

charts IMG_3604


One thought on “Paper charts

  1. Good stuff. Joshua Slocum relied on paper charts. They are more “visual” than the electronic ones. But I understand they are your back-up only. Be sure to have a plastic cover on board, should you need to resort to their use.


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