Companionway – final cut

The new companionway is done!

As indicated before, we were not convinced that the relatively thin stainless steel plates worked for us. Sean and I spent some time brainstorming how to improve the design and finally settled on replacing the plates with thicker pieces of teak. That gave it a warmer look and most importantly thicker surfaces to grab or sit on.

Sean also added more fiberglass at the top to compensate for the curving wall that initially limited the height of the stainless steel plates and with that not fully closed all the gaps.

After Corinna put a decent layer of teak oil on, we are now truly done and very happy with the outcome. As always, Sean’s work was impeccable and looks like it was meant this way from the beginning.

And, as with everything else, Sean finished the job just in time. Which in this case, with the significant delays due to the extreme winter, is quite remarkable.

Companionway  Companionway  Companionway Companionway

This is how it started last fall:

photo photo1 Companionway


2 thoughts on “Companionway – final cut

  1. Have always thought that teak should win out over stainless steel on a sail boat (“the handsome effect”)!


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