The final stretch

Another busy and quite successful weekend went by. We had a lot of the crew (Dan, Peter, Corinna, John, Doug and Philip) working both days and got a lot of things done:

The Sunsaver Duo charge controller was replaced (our 3rd one in less than 5yrs).
The chainplates was reinstalled.
All shrouds were detached and chainplate covers removed.
All potential holes around the chainplates where water could make it in the deck were closed.
All remaining ceiling panels were installed.
Lazaret locks were installed
All internal woodwork was finished.
The bottom was painted.
Maintenance of Aries windvane and winches was started.
Currrent tools on board were inventoried

We are launching May 16. Next weekend is our last option to complete the remaining items. Looks like we are on track to get it all done.

Items we are waiting for:

– lower starboard shroud replacement
– new inner forestay
– new inner forestay support wire (under deck)
– Superlube cartridge and grease gun to lubricate rudder
– new carbon-monoxide detector
– genoa (that is being serviced by Doyle)
– Sean to complete companionway (exterior) and chainplate fiberglass work (interior)

A few impressions of the work:

work weekend work weekend work weekend work weekend work weekend work weekend work weekend work weekend


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