The most significant repair yet

I found these pictures in my archive and thought they’d be interesting for others as well.

In preparation for the upcoming hurricane, Irene, in August 2011, we had moved Tioga to a mooring in the much more protected harbor in Lynn. However, as we felt uncomfortable leaving the boat unattended during the storm, I decided to stay onboard. But even that did not prevent the significant damage we had to get repaired. Tioga broke loose (the mooring chain broke) when I was down below. The boat drifted from the mooring sideways into an old dock that had a couple of large bolts sticking out. That’s when I found out I had problem and a couple of holes in the hull.

Anyways, after an interesting time making it through the tropical storm, we managed to get the boat to Crocker’s boatyard in Manchester and had it repaired.






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