Now that we are in the final stage of our preparation, most of the US-based crew met yesterday to review our medical equipment and procedures.


Ulf presented the lessons learned from the Safety at Sea seminar and John walked us through the various packages full of medical equipment. We finished the event with practical exercises, such as stitching an open wound together. While we normally used porkfeet for this (their skin is very similar to human skin) we practiced with a banana as we could not get any porkfeet.

In addition to getting familiar with our equipment, checking it for completeness and figuring out what to store where and how; this was a great team building exercise and also highlighted the fact that this was not a “Disney-Cruise”, but something to take serious.
The equipment is logically grouped into various categories, stored in numerous bags/boxes. Items for daily use will be stored more accessible than items we will hopefully never have to use. Those items we would take into the liferaft are stored in the waterproof ditch bags.
For each package we have a laminated inventory sheet.

We selected Corinna as medical officer for leg 1 and 3, and John for leg 2.
We collected all of our doctor friends’ phone numbers and will program them into our phones for emergencies.

Stitchfest StitchfestStitchfest  StitchfestStitchfest Stitchfest

The prior weekend, we got together and reviewed the following:

– share what was presented during safety at sea (SaS) seminar – Dan/Peter
– share what was presented during safety at sea (SaS) seminar in-water session – Philip
– review gear – foul weather gear, boots, knife, headlamp, in-water lamp, sailing gloves, harness, tether etc
– review ditch bag plan/content – Ulf

– food plan / pre-cook meals – Corinna
– loading boat – all
– flights – all
– share equipment – Candace
– plan for Azores – all
– Roles (watch captain, etc) – Philip
– laminate paper – all
– vacuum pack food/other – all
Check Lists
– passports – all
– check in/out of 2015 countries – Linda
– lists in xls / google sites
Next Steps
– remaining items on land
– pre-departure inspection
– shake downs trips
– learn equipment
– load in Lynn, Nahant wharf
– departure party
– departure day/time

One thought on “Stichfest

  1. Nice update. I will never look at a banana in the same way.

    FYI, just saw on the news naked Is this something you might take on the trip? Cleans dirty water–and company just came out with a consumer version. You might check it out….



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