Our new anchor roller – a piece of art

Good to have friends.
When Henry and I talked about the anchor roller I had replaced a year ago (the old one fell apart) and the problems we’ve been having (the profile was too flat allowing the anchor line to slide back and forth with considerable noise), he suggested to have his friend Andy have a look at it.

It did not take long and Andy and I were sitting on Tioga, measuring the old roller, drawing up the new shape of the new roller etc. Andy went home and did his research. Surprisingly enough, the price for just the raw material (Delrin) was about 150$, plus 35$ shipping. That was too much for a simple anchor roller. So, I pinged our trusted adviser Volker in Germany (who also owns an Alden 44) and he send me a link to a vendor in Germany. There, I was able to get what we needed for about 1/3 of the US price.

I picked it up during my last visit to Germany and dropped it off at Andy’s house (his work shop is supposed to be quite impressive). A couple of days later Andy was already done and back on Tioga to check final measurements. After a few minor adjustments the new anchor did not only look fantastic but also fit perfectly well.

Thanks a lot for your help Andy!!!

Anchor Roller  Anchor Roller Anchor Roller


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