GPS Re-Radiator

Just arrived per mail, the BlueSky GPS Re-Radiator BA-20.

BlueSky Reradiator

What is a GPS Re-radiator anyways?

A GPS Re-radiator is a device that can receive GPS signal outdoers and conduct it to indoors, where it is radiating it again.
It therefore allows to use of GPS receivers indoors where they are not able to receive the GPS signal directly from the satellites.

The one we got (we got for free) cost about 60$ and consists of two components:
– an external active antenna, placed outside, with a 5m cable
– a re-rediation antenna with a 12V car adapter, and a 2m cable
It consumes about 70mA and weighs about 100g.

Yet another device that needs to be installed, consumes energy etc  – so much for keeping it simple.
And why do we need it?

That I’ll tell you in my next post. It has something to do with our upcoming trip to Europe…


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