Anti-siphon valve

What would we do without them?

Thanks to Dan, who is very diligently taking more or less everything apart that can be taken apart, we are going through the largest preventative maintenance exercise Tioga has ever seen. That includes the inspection and cleaning of the anti-siphon valve of our Westerbeke engine. Getting to it takes a little bid of work at it is well hidden behind the walls around the kitchen sink. The valve turned out to be still functioning well. Dan cleaned it over the week and it is not back in place.

after the wall has been removed the anti-siphon valve for the engine the anti-siphon valve for the engine Dan at work

Now, what is the anti-siphon actually used for:

“Vented loop or Anti-Siphon Valves: are inverted U-shaped pipes with a vent at the top to let air escape. Vented loops are found in toilet discharge lines or in systems which are mounted below the waterline.

Vented loops are to prevent back siphoning.

Jabsco Vented loop diagram

Vented loops are a necessity on board for some marine systems. You have vented loops (anti-siphon valves) or should have them, as part of an engine exhaust system, or plumbing for bilge pumps, or the marine head. The reason you have them is to stop a siphon or backflow of water in the system. With a siphon, the water can travel the wrong way in a plumbing system. In the case of a marine head the water can go back into the toilet and overflow it.

Vented loops are simple devices and very rarely go wrong, but when they do the results can be¬†catastrophic.”



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