The Heater is running

Brief summary of Sunday’s work:

While Peter continued with the installation of the air-ducts to the v-berth, Dan and Philip completed the fuel line installation. With the temporary connection of the thermostat, all heater components were in place. We switched the main switch on and then the control unit. First lights flashed. To be safe we started in ventilation mode first. Lots of air come through all 4 outlets. However, when changing to heater mode, the fan ran for a while and the fuel pump made a ticking sound, but no heat. We confirmed that the fuel line to the tank was clear and assumed that we installed the pump too far away from the tank (the older installation manual referred to a distance of up to 4ft, the new one says: “The total length of fuel line run including the fuel pick-up tube to the inlet of the fuel pump must not exceed 2 meters (78 in. or 6 1/2 ft) and a suction height no greater than 1 meter (39 in.).”)

To help the pump we connected numerous hoses with various diameters together and connected that to the end of the fuel line and that in turn to a manual suction pump. After about 5 cycles, we had diesel at the end of the fuel line and connected it back to the heater. The next start had the heater working just fine. Lots of hot air in all cabins, the thermostat reacting to the temperature etc. So, a major milestone reached. We now need to figure out how to keep sufficient air space around the exhaust duct to not damage anything.


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