Another big workday

A few impressions of the workday, preparing for the big trip next year.

Dan prepared Tioga with his great idea to drop the rudder without a jack, while Philip disassembled the quadrant and Peter got going inside, installing the airduct, relocating hoses, drilling numerous very large holes (90mm) etc.
After Dan had sanded the base of the skeg to free up the shoe, drilled out the cold welded pin heads and knocked the pins out, we were able to drop the heavy rudder together. Dan will now build a tool to clean up the bearing etc.
Peter and Philip spent quite some time under the cockpit and came up with a plan for the heater installation. While Peter continued to work his magic inside the boat, Philip started to take the hydraulic pump protection apart and uninstalled the pumps to allow their relocation. With this new space we are ready to install the heater as soon as Dan has the stainless steel backing plate ready.

One thought on “Another big workday

  1. It was a fairly cold week-end. Thankfully most of my work was not out in the wind. We made some headway on the heating system installation. We got the shore power inverter wired and installed. Good fun getting ready for June!


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