Bermuda 2010

A few impressions from the offshore trip on Tioga (on the way to Antigua).

the next storm 300nm to Bermuda upwind the next storm St George, Bermuda

We left Nahant Oct 1 and arrived very early in the morning on Oct 8 (and were able to check in at this early hour). Having started with a windy overnight sail off the Cape and sailed through 2 decent storms followed by a 300nm upwind finish with headsail change etc made this a serious workout for all.

We were one of the earlier arrivals in Bermuda that fall and had to use heavy chains for pennants on our mooring in case another hurricane would come through before we moved on in November.
Sails were dropped off for service work and the hydraulic vang shipped to Florida for repair.

We flew back to the US Oct 10 and when we came back Nov 18, Tioga was still sitting well protected on the Bermuda Yacht Services mooring in St George.


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